‘Sandwich’ is a heart touching short film:Sanjana CineGlobal

Mumbai: Sandwich is a short film, written and directed by Arpita Pattanayak, produced by Sooraj Khanna under the banner of ‘Films by Filmbuffs’ in association with ‘Untitled Ideas’; starring Abbas Khan aka Biji Pandey from Lapataganj, Aastha Sawant who has also starred in Hindi feature “Brina” soon to be released and Anamika Shukla who has also acted in “Pakhi” a Hindi feature film soon to be released and also in Rohit Shetty’s “Shimba”.

Film’s Creative Producer Vaibhav Dixit and Producer Sooraj Khanna have put their heart and soul for giving “Sandwich” a digital platform where people can watch and share their valuable feedback. This short film is out in “The Short Cuts” by Kara Studios and now trending in YouTube gathering much appreciation. The film narrates a sweet and simple story with a twisted and shocking ending which will definitely make you realise the value of relationships with a beautiful portrayal of sea, sunset and sand.

Film’s director Arpita Pattanayak shared with us: “The story of this film popped up in my mind when I was roaming all alone on a sea beach during sun set and having a bite of sandwich. This film is an eye opener for all of us who are trying hard to cope in this busy city life.  Sandwich basically is a visual journey of love and acceptance in this urban life.” After working in many Hindi feature films as an assistant director and associate director, Arpita is doing many corporate and ad shoots these days.  She adds, “ Digital platform has opened the era of opportunities where we can showcase our creative aspirations through short films not caring much about investment and finance.”

Abbas Khan, the protagonist in this film, mentioned “ This film is a story of seen and unseen – a satire on the busy urban life. These days we all are running after the uncertainties and trying to escape from the truth of life; this escape is leading us nowhere but making us distant from our own people and giving us lot of insecurities.”  On asking why he did a short film after such a popular show like “Lapataganj”, he said that he felt so much connected with the story and was so impressed by the dedication and honesty of the team “Sandwich” that he was ready to take the challenge without bothering about the fate of the film.

Aastha Sawant, a young talented actor from Shimla who has already made her debut in “Brina”, a Hindi feature film soon to be released was all elated about this short. She said, “Sandwich to me is a bread that feeds every soul, fills with acceptance embracing life till infinity.”

Anamika Shukla, who played the role of a busy journalist in the film said, “Sandwich film is a beautiful realization of affection and love in a twisted way that one should not let little contrary things take away your beloved ones from you.” Anamika is waiting the big release of her upcoming Hindi feature “Pakhi” and just completed her schedule for Rohit Shetty’s “Shimba”.

Film’s producer, Sooraj Khanna on asking why he produced this film said, “God is kind. He loves his people and he made people like us to entertain his people who goes through ups and downs. We believe in this thought and we do everything to entertain people with good stories and Sandwich was one of them which not only entertains us but also makes us realise about our loved ones, Arpita Pattnayak’s stories always relate to real life with artistic touch. Hope people understand the thought of the film and love it.

Creative Producer Vaibhav Dixit encouraged Arpita to direct this film, as he believes that “Talking about dreams is like talking about movies.” For him movies are the best way to share your visual dream. Sandwich is a dream, which will wake you up to reality. The cast and crew of “Sandwich” had a great time shooting for this short and now all are beaming with happiness on the release.


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